#1: Blogging 30 minutes each day. Is this possible?🤔

If you know me, you probably know that I have a lot of ideas.

Some of them happen, and most of them don’t.

This is one of them ideas.

I would like to commit myself to blogging this time. Well, not really blogging, but documenting and sharing things consistently.

I have been wanting to do this for a long time but I’ll just be frank, I didn’t commit and I lack the discipline. Perhaps I never took it seriously. There were always things in the way that “prevented me for being consistent”.

When I think about it, it is what it is, I didn’t take it seriously like my other work.

I think it is time that I try this again.

I have reflected on why some things I want to do did not catch on or did not stick.

It is because I did not commit it to my schedule and daily routine, like the other things that I think is important.

Hence this time, I am going to make this part of my evening routine, 30 minutes before I sleep.

Maximum 30 minutes.

Whatever I write in 30 minutes or less, I will have to publish.

If the post is not completed by the end of 30 minutes, I will end it and continue the next day, no matter how anti-climatic it may be. My apologies!

I will not edit the posts too if I do not have the time. Another “my apologies”!

On that note, I appreciate if you can help me proofread my articles. You may comment the errors with the correction and I will correct them accordingly. Thank you in advance.

Why do I want to do this?

I listen to a lot of podcast and one of them is GaryVee Audio Experience by the loud entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuck.

He advocates documenting “the journey”. Be it in audio, video or writing.

The journey here refers to whatever it is that we are trying to achieve, be it entrepreneurial or not. We all are on our respective journeys.

Even though we are nobody now, whatever that we are doing now, even the failures and unglamorous moments:

  1. can be a lesson for the next generation, especially our own children and grandchildren and
  2. can be good for our own reflection in the future

I can relate to that. I think it makes sense to document as much as possible.

I am on my journey: recently got married, running Skolafund.com, living in a different country. Maybe a few more interesting things might happen that I can record here.

One day, I hope my own kids can refer to my documents and learn from my wins and losses and be a better person that I do.

30 minutes is up.

Good enough for a first post!


3 thoughts on “#1: Blogging 30 minutes each day. Is this possible?🤔

  1. This motivates me somehow- I’ve had a few attempts on writing, both in blogs or on papers but consistency is what I always find to be immensly tedious. Hence explains the dusty blog of mind and the rusty brain of mine. I hope all the best for your 30-minutes-daily-blog and may one day you be famous for all the good reasons so that this will be the evidence of me being supportive towards the bright future of human population.

    1. I have started many blogs that ended up terbengkalai before this. I think it is because I am slow writer and each time I try to write a complete post, it takes a long time about 1-3 hours because I want the post to be perfect. And over time that discourages me from writing consistently, because I have “other important things to do” than to commit hours writing and editing a blog post!

      This time I am trying to approach this differently by committing only 30 minutes each day. No matter whats the state of the post, I need to publish. With this, I hope it becomes a bit more certain and I cannot use the old excuse of not having time anymore.

      Let’s see if this works.

      Let me know too if you want to give this 30 mins thing a shot! It’ll be cool to have a small group to do this with.

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